Steal The Look Challenge: BEYONCE

I have been wanting to do my own “Steal the Look Challenge” for quite some time now. I thought it would be fun and exciting to see If I could challenge myself and create celebrity worthy outfits from what I had in my closet. The main challenge is simple. I create a look, based on a look I find by using things I have in my closet. I cannot buy a single item.

To start this challenge I had to pick someone’s style to steal. I wasn’t sure who, so I asked my husband. Honestly thinking he would rattle of a few names that I would feel comfortable with. Names like a Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston. Well, I asked. He didn’t even think about it. Before I could event finish the sentence he shouted out: Beyoncé!

I got a little nervous. How do you turn a mom’s closet into a fashion divas like Beyoncé?

There was no way! But, this is a challenge, so Beyoncé here I come.

I started by gathering photos of some of my favorite outfits she has worn. Pinterest and Google are great resources for outfit ideas. I wanted stuff that was very Beyoncé but also stuff I could wear out. I found about a dozen looks but narrowed it down to seven. I figured with that number I could be Beyoncé for an entire week and why not take advantage of an already steamed week of wardrobe.


White tank

Distressed Denim

Black Booties

Gold Jewelry Overload

I love this look because it’s fun and edgy. Who wouldn’t want to wear all that jewelry and have it finish a look with just a pair of jeans and a white tank.


All White…Everything!

I haven’t been brave enough to wear and all white outfit like this because I have boys. I can only imagine what would end up all over me.


Vintage Rock Band T-Shirt

Loud Shoes

I love this cute casual look.

Look #4 – SEXY DIVA:

This was the most difficult for me to photograph, only because I'm self conscious but I'm obsessed with the final look. I did not have a blush top so I had to use a nude top because I couldn't buy anything. Had it not been for this challenge I would have never created this look on my own.

Look #5 – CHIC BLACK:

You can’t go wrong with a classic all black outfit. It’s simple, chic and slimming.


This is a stand out of the crowd kind of look. Pops of color and rocking a bold black lip.

Look #7 – OUT ON THE TOWN:

This look is perfect for date night or girls night out. There is just something about leather that makes a lady feel sexy, flirty and ready to have a good time.

After completing this challenge I felt so good! I was surprised on how well the outfits came out, how I was able to use items I already had and the confidence it gave me was amazing! I truly never thought I would be able to match the outfits as close as I did. I used clothes that I’ve wanted to wear but wasn’t sure how. I used clothes I wear all the time. I am still a little shocked that out of my thrifted closet, I was able to recreate the Queen B’s epic look for an entire week.

Whose next? JLo…Meghan Markle…Lady Gaga?



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