Prize Winning Fortnite Costume: DIY Beef Boss

Full Disclosure: I ordered the Beef Boss Mask from Amazon because I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to do it the right way.

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I am usually a "to do lister" when it comes to Halloween costume making season. Every past year I’ve complied a list from head to toe of what I needed. This year I decided to take a fashion designer approach and sketch a picture of the costume and begin formulating my list that way. The kids also loved seeing the drawing come to life.

For this year’s costume I needed two shirts to make into one multi colored shirt. I needed one with blue long sleeves and the other one need to be a collared, button down dress shirt. I also needed orange pants with patches. In Fortnite your accessories are VERY important from what I'm told, the details are very important. For this, I needed a big bow tie, belts, ketchup and mustard bottles, shin guards, gloves, boots and a back bling (another very important piece).

Before I shop I usually look at what I have in my crafting stock and around the house because FREE is always best. This year I had a lot of the accessories lying around the house like gloves, belts, boots, aluminum cans, cardboard and paint.

My THRIFTING list consisted of:

- Two shirts

- Orange Pants

- Shin Guards

- Ketchup and Mustard Bottles

Now onto my favorite part: THE HUNT. I always start at my favorite locally owned thrift stores then move onto the others like Goodwill. If needed I visit other stores like Dollar Stores, Craft Stores and Walmart.

I was able to find the shirts at the Goodwill and the St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store.

The shin guards and the condiment bottles I found at the DollarTree.

That left the final piece: orange pants. This was a huge challenge, I couldn’t find them anywhere. I hoped I might get lucky but the thrifting luck was not with me on this trip. I even started looking in the women’s section, girls section and even the Halloween area but nothing. At this point it became a huge challenge which gets my creative juices flowing. Why not just sew a pair of orange pants! Fabric can be spendy and finding second hand fabric can be a big challenge too. So that’s meant it’s time to get ultra-creative. I began looking for shirts, sweaters, blanket and sheets, anything in a similar color that I could cut, sew and transform into pants. Then, as if I was dreaming there it was. A piece of vintage polyester fabric at the Goodwill and it only cost me $1. SCORRREEEEEE!!!!!


Step 1: Cut the sleeves off the button down shirt. My first thought was to paint half orange, making sure to paint both front and back. Luckily, found enough orange fabric to cover half of the shirt so instead of painting I sewed the thrifted orange fabric to half of the blue shirt.

Step 2: Make pants. I’m a certainly not a seamstress but I did a little YouTube research

and am so thankful for @withwendy and @coolirpa whose videos gave me the confidence to create pants with no formal seamstress training. I took a pair of my son’s pants, traced it straight onto the vintage fabric, cut it and sewed it. I added elastic to the waist and to the ankles for comfort. The final touch was patches. I used hot glue, pipe cleaners and scrap fabric I had in my crafting area for those.

STEP 3: The accessories were easy details to add. I used rubber bands to secure the cans and condiment bottles to belt. For the bow tie I cut a square piece of fabric, formed it and used a long strip of fabric and Velcro to make it easy to put on and take off.

Step 4: The most important piece for my son was the back bling (it's like the equivalent to a Coach handbag in fashion terms). Of all the costumes I’ve made over the past 7

years, I was most excited to create this one. The character of Beef Boss has a French fry box as his back bling. Because the back bling is like a backpack I constructed the entire piece around a spare backpack I had and used old USPS shipping boxes. I cut a formed the boxes to look like a McDonalds French fry box. I wasn’t sure how to make the fries stand up but as I was walking through the toy department an employee had a huge garbage bag filled with rectangular Styrofoam pieces. It took a bit of convincing for him to let me take them but he did. I cut, arranged and painted them. I wanted the back

bling to open (it was great candy storage) so I made sure to make them short enough so the top can still open easily. The last piece was a printed logo and costume done!

We attended a local Halloween event here in Southern Oregon and had completely forgotten we entered into the costume contest. It was a wonderful surprise when we found out the costume won FIRST PLACE!

Happy Crafting!


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