My Best Goodwill Haul Yet

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I love a nice Goodwill shopping session and my busy mom brain needed a "shopcation". This haul left me with some AMAZING bargains for the hubby, the boys and a few things for me too.

When I head out for a Goodwill shop, I go with two separate mind sets.

#1: I have something in mind that I'm looking for. It may be an outfit concept, something for the house or a DIY project.

#2: I go in with an open mind. No list or agenda. Just a good old shopping spree.

The Hubby's Haul

I found some great items for him. He is always looking for new and trendy dress shirts for work. First I found a Club Room checkered button down. He loves the thickness of this brand, not too thick and not too thin.

Macy's Price - $55

Goodwill Price - See Below

I also found this really nice deep purple Van Heusen shirt. Van Heusen is a huge brand in men's wear. This particular shirt was sold out almost everywhere I looked.

JCPenny Price: $50

Goodwill Price - See Below

Perry Ellis Portfolio is another very popular brand in men's apparel. This was shirt is the perfect mix of modern and classic. I love the mixture of grey tones.

Perry Ellis Price: $28-$45

Goodwill Price: See Below

Another of his favorite brands is Fission and he has a huge love affair with Hawaiian printed shifts. This brand can be found at Fred Meyer and ranges in price from $25-$35. They always have a great selection of fun, professional patterns.

Fred Meyer Price: $25-$35

Goodwill Price - See Below

The Boys Haul

Kids (especially Boys clothes) are little more difficult to find in good quality. Often items can be completely worn out, stained or they just don't have a big inventory. But this trip I did find 3 kids neckties. Both boys love wearing ties. They always say, "I wanna dress like Daddy" or "I'm going to work now, love you, see ya later". Two of them our clip-on and the third is a really nice zipper tie.

Kids Ties: $15-$20/each

Goodwill Price: See Below

Mommies Haul

For me I found tons of cute items but due to limited space in my closet I only took home three pieces.

First Piece was a this cute over sized plaid Levi button down (my hubby called dibs as soon as he saw it). It/s so light but so cozy. With these colors i feel i could use it in the winter and also bring it into the spring. Neutral color backdrop with a hint of a dark stripes. For the Winter I would pair this shirt with a fitted crop top, mom jeans, a belt and a pair of booties. I would finish the outfit with an over sized jacket and gold accessories to complete the look.

Levi Price: $28-$50

Goodwill Price: See Price

For my Second bargain I found a vintage slip SET. I have never found a complete set before. I was so excited! This is like finding gold! The first outfit I envisioned was using the top only. Paired with a cami, high waisted trousers and an over sized cardigan sweater. Finished with any pair of boots. So cute! This type of outfit can be dressed up or down depending on mood.

Poshmark Price: $18- $30

Goodwill Price: See Below

My final find was something that I have wanted for a long time! I've drooled over them on Poshmark and Depop and figured I would never get one. Mostly because I wouldn't fork out $30+ dollars for it. I'm a ThriftyMama!

Are you ready for this? A "vintage" Calvin Klein sweatshirt! And even better, it was my size! No rips or stains it was basically in perfect condition!

Of course I had the perfect outfit to pair this new sweatshirt with. My mom jeans and some cute, comfy Converse. This is the perfect running errands, picking up kids and running more errands outfit.

Poshmark Price: $30+

Goodwill Price: See Below

This Goodwill haul landed some pretty incredible finds! Are you curious what the the final price of all of this was? This is why I LOVE doing this...I spent $7 dollars on the entire haul! This may have been my most epic thrift of all time!




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