Tis' the Season for what has become our family tradition of making Christmas ornaments. My boys love any chance to dig into Mom's craft stuff. They love using it to create something of their own. So every year we start off doing a little research. PINTEREST here we come!

I always love our couch potato Pinterest moments. Just me sitting on the couch with one boy on each side of me, holding my phone and scrolling through other peoples ideas. It's often hard for the three of us to decided on just one project but this year we all picked one we loved. Most importantly we all had ways to put our own twist on it. This year we picked: Ugly Sweater Ornaments!

Now is the time they have been waiting for...FORAGING! We go thru my crafts stuff, broken stuff and even our junk drawer. Aiden, who is just like me, will walk around our house, our garage, outside and picks up anything that he thinks might or could be craft worthy. As a crafting team we found scraps of felt, buttons, glitter, paint, old broken jewelry, pipe cleaners, paper clips and lace scraps.

I start off making hangers with paper clips. This is simply done with a little deconstructing, twisting, turning and clipping. Using a good pair of needle nose pliers is the best option.

Next step is to cut out the shape of the sweater. I used felt scraps from a previous project. For each ornament you will need two cutouts, one for the front and one for the back.

Next step is the lay the paper clip hanger between the two pieces and carefully sew it up. I used my old Singer sewing machine but this can easily be done by hand. Don't have a machine or thread, no worries. Glue works just as good!

The final (and best step) is up next. DECORATING! The boys and I decided on a few looks. But there are so many to choose from. Our choices included a Christmas Tree, Santa Hat, and a Reindeer. For these we used pipe cleaners, googly eyes, lace and some gem stones. Because I used a hot glue gun, I had the kiddos lay the pieces where they wanted them to be and I used a hot glue gun to secure them.

They really didn’t turn out to be Ugly Christmas Sweaters because they are so adorable. The best part about this craft is is super easy, tons of fun and VERY thrifty! Everything we used I had on hand.

Happy Crafting!



HINT: You can also use them as:

- Gift Tags

- Teacher Gifts

- Gift Decor (To Make Your Presents Pop)

- Secret Santa Gifts

- Kids Holiday Party Crafts

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