DIY Shoe Storage - Under $25

If you are like me, you hate when there are piles of shoes in the entryway. Yes, most of them tend to be mine but it looks messy, cluttered and it gives me a little anxiety. In a fit of anxious rage I created a perfect solution to continue my 2019 goal of staying organized.

This DIY project will gives those piles of shoes at the front door a home. For this project I headed to my local Habitat for Humanity Restore Store . I didn't have a particular idea in mind but figured I'd settle for a simple chest, basket or cabinet. I've always wanted to find a small vintage locker but they're not usually that "thrifty".

Then I came across these IKEA storage bins. The official IKEA name is: TRONES. They were the perfect size for the space. They were not exactly what I had pictured. I use the same bins in the boys room for toys. Total cost new would be $40- $50 dollars at IKEA. I snatched up the three at Restore for $2.99 each.

I still wasn't completely sold on the idea. Luckily they were black and would match the overall decor our home. So i cleaned them up a hung them up on the wall. BLAH! It was less cozy home and more college dorm. I took some time to research inspiration and that is when I came across a plastic trash can with a wooden top. PERFECT! I ran and grabbed some cheap wood from Home Depot along with L Brackets. The inspiration lead me to creating a small shelf on top of the IKEA bin to finish off the look.

Additional Materials:

Wood : $5.73 (prices may vary)

Size: 1 x 4 x 10 ft.

Stain: I had some in my garage.

Drywall Screws: $4.98 (10-Pack)

L Brackets : $2.67 (4-Pack)

I got all of my materials from Home Depot. What I love about purchasing from Home Depot is they cut the wood for me! It makes these quick projects so much easier. All I had to do when I got home was stain and wait for them to dry.

I installed the wooden shelf directly onto the wall then placed the IKEA bin right underneath so it looked like it was attached. I'm not afraid to drill holes into my walls...drives my hubby crazy.

Total Cost for this project: $22.35.

Note: I even ended up with extra materials - this makes my next project even cheaper.




Need help with a project? Email me!



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