DIY "Mattress Case"

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

My biggest pet peeve is twisted sheets! About a year ago we purchased a wonderful mattress at Costco. It so big, plump and squishy but over the past year I’ve been battling the twisted fitted sheet night after night. It doesn’t affect the boys in my house, they can sleep on anything but for me it keeps me up and makes me so frustrated!

I have tried everything available to purchase from buying extra big fitted sheets to fitted sheet suspenders. I’ve tried crafting my own elastic suspenders but nothing has worked.

I’ve spent many sleepless nights pondering the idea of a “Mattress Case” . Which in my head is like a pillow case for your mattress. I’ve searched for something similar I could purchase but wasn’t able to find anything. The only option was not a sheet at all. It was a mattress protector. They’re called mattress encasement's and they are essentially a case that zips up and protects your mattress so you can image they’re not soft and cozy at all.

After another night battling a twisted and tangled fitted sheet I woke up, grabbed my sewing machine and began fashioning my late night idea and BOOM! The Mattress Case was born!

For this super easy DIY project you’ll need:

- 1 Fitted Sheet

- 1 Flat Sheet (Matching)

- Straight Pins

- Sewing Machine

To begin gather all your materials and strip your bed.

Place your fitted sheet on the mattress as normal.

Place flat sheet (right side down)centered on top of fitted sheet.

Match one end (foot or head side) of the flat sheet to the fitted sheet.

NOTE: You will have some overhang on the opposite side, that’s good!

Use straight pins to pin the flat sheet to the elastic portion of the fitted sheet on all sides except the portion with the overhang.

Carefully remove the two pinned sheets from the mattress.

Sew the pinned sides together and turn inside out to reveal your new Mattress Case.

Slide the mattress into the new case and tuck the overhang. I recommend having someone help you with this step so you can slide it on simultaneously.

Now, you can enjoy a night of restful sleep without battling a tangled mess.


It’s been one night since I made the Mattress case and it worked AMAZING! I’m so happy to report, I got a great night’s sleep with no fitted sheet fighting. I woke up with my sheets in place. Hooray! I’ll check back in a week and let you know how it’s holding up.


I am so in love! Not more bunched up sheets, I've been sleeping better, my hubby is defiantly sleeping better. It was a struggle to get on but totally worth it!




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