DIY Halloween Costumes - Under $5

In my six years of being a mother, my oldest son has always chosen to do a group family costume. This year however, both boys decided to not...yes I am heartbroken but I will move on now.

Aiden decided he wanted to be Frozone from Incredible 2 and Zayn requested Robin from Teen Titans. My first step of any DIY project is research. I've watched these characters on TV many times but looking at their pictures and keeping close attention to the small details is important. Kids notice the smallest of details.

Once research is complete I create a shopping list. Each costume has a separate list.

For Frozone I needed: a blue suit, white gloves, white boots, white hat/hoody and white sun glasses

Robin's Teen Titan costume was a little different. Zayn found a Robin costume at the Goodwill that he fell in love with. I did everything I could to talk him out of it but his little heart was set on it. So, I decided to give in. My list for transfer Robin from Classic Batman Robin to Teen Titan Robin included: Robin's Crazy Black Hair, Mask, Cape & Belt.

Then comes my favorite part...SHOPPING! I always start at my favorite secondhand stores. I made my rounds of Goodwill, Salvation Army and my few local favorite gems. I look for color, shape and for any creative inspiration that jumps out. HINT: Don't go in looking for something specific. You have to shop with an open mind.


The blue suit I found at Goodwill, in the girl's section. The thermals were the perfect color and size. I also found a women's long sleeve white shirt that with some cutting and sewing could re-purpose into the white head piece. I knew finding white boots in his size would be nearly impossible, so I lucked out and found some 1980's style snow

1980's Snow Boots Transformed - Purchased From Goodwill

boots. The final piece was the gloves and cheap knit gloves can always be found at Walmart. For less than $1 I found the perfect set.


This costume was less second hand and more craft store. Though, I did find Robin's cape at Goodwill the rest would be be gathered elsewhere. I tackled Robin's hair first, I knew a wig for Zayn was out of the questions. It would be too itchy and he would never wear it. I decided to make it by using a beanie and black felt. Walmart has felt pieces for .23 cents each which is a steal! I used the same felt selection for his mask and belt. i purchased the same knit gloves as above for just under a dollar at Walmart.


Glue gun on! Sewing machine loaded! I tackled those 80's boots first. Using Clorox wipes to remove most of the dirty and finishing with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess build up. I used bargain white spray paint and painted with 3 thin coats of white paint, allowing each to dry before I started the next. The final coat was a clear coat just in hopes of keeping them white a little bit longer. I used the same paint technique for the glasses, which we already had in our Nerf collection for a previous Goodwill haul.

To create Frozone I deconstructed the white shirt. I cut the sleeves off, which I will later use to make the long gloves. I then cut the chest design and saved the bottom of the shirt to create my hood. I needed a pattern for the hood piece so luckily I still had a Buzz Lightyear costume for a few years ago, using the bottom of the shirt i traced a hood, used Aiden as my human mannequin and did a little measuring, a little sewing and connected the chest piece to the hood.

To create the long gloves I attached the sleeves from the shirt to the knit gloves and used interfacing (from JoAnns) to create a sturdy look. I measured it using Aiden's arm so it hit at the same spot and after a quick sew, Frozone is complete.

Robin's look was much easier because I was using a thrifted costume. I used one of our many superhero masks as my pattern to create that perfect shape. I used the interfacing again to give the mask a little stronger hold. Robin's spikey hair was a challenge. I only purchased 1 sheets of felt so I had to be strategic about how I cut. After some careful google searches of Teen Titans and debating in my head I made my cuts and had 4 pieces of wavy hair. I attached those to the black beanie, attached the mask with elastic and Robin was nearly complete.

The belt was the final piece to complete my costumes for 2018. For these I doubled up on the interfacing to give the belt a thick look and used yellow fabric paint. I also added some outlining with a black thread to give the belt a little more dimension. With that #2 is complete.

Zayn loved it so much he wore it bed.

I do have to admit this year's costumes were my easiest. They each cost me less than $5 each. With a little patience, some thrifty shopping and an old sewing machine you can create affordable costumes that create hours of dress up fun.



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