DIY Halloween Costume: Marshmello

My youngest wasn’t sure want he wanted to be for Halloween this year. It was quite a struggle to get him to commit to anything. Then finally while we were looking for his big brother’s Fortnite costume ideas he saw Marshmello. He is a big Marshmello fan and obsessed with his music. Once he realized he could be him for Halloween is was an instant YES. And so easy for me...I thought.

All I needed was white a T-shirt, white pants, and a Marshmallow mask. I DIY'd a mask (tutorial below) but I also ordered a second mask from Amazon. Since his brother ordered one for his costume I figured I might as well.

*See my other Halloween post for more details.

I took the fashion design approach and sketched his costume as well as formulated my list on my design sketch. This really helped me to visualize what I was creating and it was so fun for the kids to see the design come to life.

Now for the thrifting hunt and to what I thought would be so easy. It wasn’t. My first stop was my local thrift shops then the Goodwill. I wasn’t able to find any white pants in his size, not even in the girls section. My second thought was white leggings…no luck. I got into my ultra-thrift mode and began thinking outside the box. What else can I use? Maybe a sheet, blanket, pillow cases. Then, it was like the thrifiting clouds separated and I found white pants and a white sweater. There was a small problem…The sweater was a size Women’s XL and the pants a Women’s size 10. I knew if I put my mind to it, I could make it work. I was also able to find a girls, white denim jacket that happened to fit perfectly!

Next task to tackle is the Marshmello helmet. My number one material for Halloween costumes is cardboard (it’s free) and I figured it would be great for a mask because it is bendable and lightweight. But then I was going through my spare cardboard supply and I ran across a Christmas popcorn tin and it was the perfect size and had the necessary straight, clean lines that Marshmello has on his.


Step 1: To make the Womens size 10 outfit fit a 4-year old boy I used the YouTube

tracing method. Taking a current outfit of his, tracing it on the thrifted items and then cutting and sewing. It takes some practice but it works! I made sure when I traced it while keeping as much of the original details as possible from the second hand piece. I make sure to use items like the collar of the shirt and the zipper on the pants. This keeps the look clean, crisp and professional and makes it much easier on me.

Step 2: The Helmet. I traced the eyes and the mouth onto the tin can and then used tin snips to cut out the shapes. It was so easy and quick. If you don’t have tin snips you can grab them at your local hardware or craft store like Hobby Lobby. Once it was all cut out, I spray painted it a dark purple first and then bright white. You may need to use primer to cover up the vibrant Christmas colors. It was while painting that I noticed how sharp the tin edges were. Of course I had to fix that. I did some online research and ran across rubber tubing. Once I began researching different types I found clear PVC vinyl tubing available at Home Depot. I cut tubing down the center so I could slide it over the edges of the tin, once it was in place I used hot glue to secure it. Marshmello’s eyes and mouth are completely black so I used some black tulle which I secured on the inside of the mask with hot glue.

One thing that is so important in creating DIY projects (especially costumes) is to not give up. Just take a break, step back and look the entire project. Use your resources and see what Google has to say. Watch videos, experiment and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


He loved his costume so much and really got into character. Anytime he wore the entire outfit he wouldn’t say a single word just dance. We did purchase a second helmet on Amazon with led lights for under $10, he saw it while we were online shopping and he LOVED it! He wore the DIY mask around the house but wore the purchased mask on Halloween.

Happy Crafting!


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