DIY ADVENT CALENDAR - Christmas 2019


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Christmas is approaching, and I’ve always wanted a fun and creative advent calendar. I’ve looked for something the past few years, but nothing really spoke to me. My initial thought was to buy new. A advent calendar that was already created for me. After looking at the prices I was reminded quickly that I’m a cheap chick, so my second thought was to create my own. I roamed the isles of Michael's and Hobby Lobby and quickly remembered why I thrift.

To make a calendar out of new materials would be the same price as buying an already made one. That’s when my ThriftyMama senses took over. I knew I wanted something that had a lid, so the boys could open it, I wanted something sturdy, so we could reuse it and it had to be thrifty.

That is when the idea hit me like a ton of bricks! CHRISTMAS TINS! I always love using vintage Christmas tins to decorate for the holidays and I’ve always had great luck finding quality, vintage second hand tins.

I found a great supply of tins priced at $1 each. Which isn’t bad but when you buy 25 tins that $25…a little pricey for me. My price goal for the project is under $30. That is when I found the mother load at both a locally owned thrift store and St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store. Both stores had tins for .25 cents! Between these two stores I was able to get all my tins for $6.25.

Additional supplies needed are:

- A sturdy piece of wood

- Paint

- Screws

- Number stickers

- Fun items to put inside the advent calendar

I happened to have all these items on hand, if your garage doesn’t double as a crafter's storage space you can get everything at your local home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes.

THRIFTY TIP: Look for discounted or clearance wood at your hardware store, often times you can find something that will work on sale. Also, if you don’t have a saw laying around they will cut new wood for you too!

Project Materials:

25 Christmas Tins

Sturdy piece of wood

Paint/Stain (if you wish to color the wood you have)


Number stickers

Fun items to put inside the calendar


Step 1: Paint/stain the wood (if desired). Let dry.

Step 2: Lay the tins on the wood and arrange. Once the tins are arranged to your liking, snap a picture so you don’t forget the setup or if your little ones bump it.

Step 3: Screw the tins onto the wood. Make sure the tins are secure enough that they won’t move. I used 1-2 screws per tins, depending on size. Choose screws that are short enough to not go completely thru the wood but long enough to remain secure.

Step 4: Place the number stickers on the tin covers. With this step you can chose to put them in order or place them randomly. I purchased this item from the DollarTree.

Step 5: Fill the tins. This part is where you can get extra creative. You can have a printed bible verse, a piece of candy, a toy or anything you can imagine. I filled mine with a mix of 5 family activities going on around town like Christmas light tours and holiday parades, 5 kid friendly crafts, 5 Christmas poems/stories, 5 candy treats, 5 ornaments and 5 cookie recipes.

While this is a kid friendly project I wanted to build some excitement, so I didn’t let my boys help. They watched me construct it and then my husband and I filled it up while they were in bed. They can’t wait to start opening the tins on December 1st.

Happy Holidays!



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